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Unlocking tight hammies

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Matt Hood
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Anatomy trains map how our muscles and tissue connect throughout the body.

There's one anatomy train called the Superficial Black Line. It runs from our feet, up the back of our body to our forehead (aka our posterior chain) πŸ‘‡


And because it's all connected, tightness in one area can affect the whole train.

Like our feet. We've got over 100 muscles, ligaments and tendons in each. And they get super tight from restrictive shoes and hard surfaces.

So tight feet can tighten your whole posterior chain
(often most noticeable in the hammies).

But what's cool is releasing it works in the same way.

Tight hamstrings? Release them by getting into the soles of your feet.

Try this:

  • 🀸 Bend down and do the classic hammy stretch‍
  • ⚾️ Roll each foot on a golf/hockey/trigger ball for a minute
  • πŸŽ‰ Retest your hammies – feel the difference

Here's a how-to video if you're unsure.

My left hammy has been super tight the last couple of weeks. Crazy how much this relieves it.